Centro de Atención Al Pie. Podocenter

9 Av. Sur Urb. San Jose # 38 San Miguel, El Salvador. - San Miguel - El Salvador

Podocenter. Foot Care Center, attended by podiatrist and chiropodist. Specialized care, diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot using cutting-edge treatments in the salvage of the foot and limb, use of vacuum therapy (VAC) pioneered this technique in El Salvador, from 10 years ago, using therapy laser to promote healing ulcers. specialty percutaneous foot surgery, making surgical corrections are made by incisions 2-3 mm correcting bunions, claw toes deformity, hammertoes, bunionette bag, heel spurs, subungual exostosis. Specialist in the development of orthotics or custom templates that try to prevent the emergence of other foot injuries and other types of silicones such as orthotics. onicocriptosis correction (ingrown) permanently. Visit us or make an appointment. saving feet


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